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Love a scent but want a different color jar? Want to see what other fragrances you can get?  Customize your candle to make it EXACTLY the way you want it.  Please note that custom candles require at least 2 weeks to be poured and cured for optimal performance.  We will send custom candles once they are safe to ship, and enclose instructions on how long to wait for the strongest throw.

Pick your favorite color with these gorgeous thick glass jars with elaborate hexagonal embossing that dazzles.  All these jars have been either electroplated or coated in iridescent material and they are most definitely showcases for the mantel, coffee table, counter, and anywhere else.  The matching loose-fit starburst lids are also thick glass.  When you pick up these candles you can feel the sophistication and quality in the solid weight and gorgeous material.  These unique candles are shipped in a smooth-touch cushioned box that protects them from damage in transit.  They are show-stoppers, dressed to impress, and eminently suited for gifting, holidays, housewarmings, or just because!

Pick a fragrance, any fragrance… that is, any fragrance from the selection in the configurator below.

Why isn’t X fragrance available for selection?  The reason is that we have tested EVERY combination that we offer you for safety, efficiency, burn time, and fragrance throw.  When you customize a Painted Lantern Candle, rest assured that it will perform exactly the way any Painted Lantern Candle is supposed to, with no variation in performance or safety.  So if your desired scent is not currently an available selection and you would like it to be, send an e-mail to to request testing for that combination be pushed up the queue.

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Painted Lantern 13 oz candles are meticulously hand-poured into gorgeous glass jars and provide a multi-sensory experience both in the beauty of the candle vessels and the fragrance that permeates your space.  These candles should provide you many tens of hours of fragrant enjoyment each!

Why choose Painted Lantern candles?

  • All our fragrances are carefully screened, selected, tested, and curated (or custom-mixed) in my workshop.  We only use phtalate-free fragrances; some are even made with luxurious essential oils.  If we wouldn’t burn it in our homes, we wouldn’t sell it to our customers.
  • We hand pour candles in small batches in Aurora, Colorado. Every single Painted Lantern candle is proudly made in the USA!
  • Our gorgeous glass or ceramic jars are reusable and make fantastic keepsake jars, or can be re-used for other purposes including as trinket boxes or gift containers.
  • Painted Lantern candles are great gifts that make a fantastic first impression!  We carefully examine each and every candle one last time before packing them into a gift-ready box.
  • We only use 100% cotton wicks (no zinc!) and anchor them with metal tabs that provide just enough safety margin while still giving you the maximum enjoyment of your candle.
  • We use 100% soy wax made from soybeans grown in America by American farmers!  Our soy wax is blended with vegetable oils for improved scent diffusion and burns with no sooting.
  • The thick candle vessels are safer for you and your family because they are ASTM-tested and are much less likely to shatter from thermal stress.
  • We use recyclable and biodegradable packaging!
    • Cornstarch packing peanuts are biodegradable and dissolve in water.
    • Recyclable paper netting is an earth-friendly version of bubble wrap.
    • Tissue, paper shred and paper boxes are biodegradeable.
    • Satin ribbons are reusable (or biodegradable)!

Additional information

Weight 38 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 6 in
Wax Weight

13 oz


Marilyn (Metallic Hexagon Jar)



Jar Outer Finish

Iridescent, Metallic

Jar Color

Black, Copper, Gold, Iridescent, Lavender, Purple, Rose Gold, Slate, Teal


Amber Noir, Angel's Breath, Cape Cod, Comfort, Dominance, Enchantment, Frosted Juniper, Midnight Jasmine, Nordic Angel, Opulence, Queen, Serenity, Smoke, Snowflakes & Cashmere, The One, Twisted Rose, Welcome Home


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