About Painted Lantern Candles

Welcome! My name is Ai (pronounced “eye”). By day I am a software consultant. I am also the owner-proprietor of Bath Geek LLC. I needed more art and creativity in my life, and I wanted to do something that would let me play with chemistry and physics while still being something I loved. A couple of years ago, I started making candles, hoping to add them to my line-up.

Yup, that’s me… painted!

Who knew there were so many facets to a good candle? The wrong wick and wax combined will soot up and coat things in fine black powder. Too large a wick and the candle burns too hot, which means a high risk of overheating the candle jar and causing a messy (and dangerous) explosion. Too small a wick and there’s leftover wax on the sides of the jar (what a waste.) And EVERY new fragrance interacts differently with both the wicks and the wax!

Being a perfectionist can be exhausting. Every single candle I sell has been extensively tested!

Testing never ends… sometimes you just gotta test them all together!
  • A candle that soots is a messy candle and dangerous to health. I’ve tested many types of wax and wick combinations and finally settled on a combination that doesn’t soot.
  • Candles that get too hot to pick up generally stress the glass of the candle vessel, so I use ASTM-tested vessels and also make sure that the candles are wicked properly. (I have an entire range of candle wicks on hand because of how variable candles are!)
  • Candles might have great cold throw but not smell like anything when lit. Every fragrance behaves differently, and they all have to be tested. Sometimes all it takes is a change in percentages, sometimes it’s a particular wick-wax-fragrance combination, and sometimes it’s a matter of curing longer.
Testing one of my favorite fragrances (Midnight Jasmine) in a three-wick candle!

I’m proud of every single candle I sell, and I hope that they bring you (or whoever you gift them to) many hours of enjoyment and fond memories. Please feel free to contact me at any time to share your experiences with my candles!