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Candle Season Begins

The heat of summer has broken and it’s time for candles! We all know that candles are used to celebrate birthdays, Christmas, and New Year’s. But did you know that candles are also used for other purposes? They are often used to welcome fall and welcome spring.  Traditionally, candles are used to signify the four seasons. For instance, candles are lit on the first day of winter, the first day of spring, first day of summer and the first day of fall.  For a non-pumpkin take on autumn, try our Welcome Home!

Candles can also brighten up dark rooms and enhance the atmosphere in your home.  When the days turn gray and overcast, candles create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The aroma of a candle is also more pleasing to the senses than the use of electric lights. For a gorgeous candle that warms up the room, try our new Angel’s Breath candle!

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Ode to Candles

When you light a candle and sit in front of it, you relax. If you’ve ever visited a spa, you know that some treatments involve candles.  I like candles that give me the impression that I am in a spa when I need to destress. In my opinion, Midnight Jasmine and Serenity are the most soothing meditative fragrances.  

There is nothing better than sitting with your partner while you have a nice, fragrant candle burning. The smell of a candle can help you to get into a romantic mood. If you both like the same perfume, it creates a special, intimate atmosphere. A favorite fragrance helps to calm the mind, and it can create a feeling of intimacy between you and your partner.  Light one, and your partner knows you’re in the mood.

Candles are great to help set the mood, too. You can associate specific scents to a specific emotion and use that scent to evoke that feeling again in the future.  For example, Welcome Home always makes me feel like it’s the holidays and I’ve stepped into warmth and belonging. 

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Getting the Most out of Candles

It’s not safe to burn a candle down to the absolute dregs, but what about the leftover wax at the bottom?

Once a candle’s almost gone, setting it on a mug warmer will help to squeeze more of its fragrance out!

Set your almost-empty candle on a mug warmer and turn it on–your improvised candle warmer will fill the room with fragrance!

I’ve been able to squeeze a couple of extra weeks out of my candles this way. Just don’t forget to turn off the mug warmer later! 😊