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Candle Season Begins

The heat of summer has broken and it’s time for candles! We all know that candles are used to celebrate birthdays, Christmas, and New Year’s. But did you know that candles are also used for other purposes? They are often used to welcome fall and welcome spring.  Traditionally, candles are used to signify the four seasons. For instance, candles are lit on the first day of winter, the first day of spring, first day of summer and the first day of fall.  For a non-pumpkin take on autumn, try our Welcome Home!

Candles can also brighten up dark rooms and enhance the atmosphere in your home.  When the days turn gray and overcast, candles create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The aroma of a candle is also more pleasing to the senses than the use of electric lights. For a gorgeous candle that warms up the room, try our new Angel’s Breath candle!

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