Bulk/Wholesale Accounts

Please contact me at ai@paintedlantern.com if you would like to discuss a bulk/wholesale contract! Here are the types of bulk transactions we are open to:


  • Consignment sales are at a standard 30%. Retailers are responsible for any retail sales tax liabilities.
  • Painted Lantern Candles may deliver consignments if they are within a reasonable drive from Highlands Ranch, CO. Pickup by you is always free!
  • There are no minimums for consignment sales, but delivery will only be offered if there are more than 24 candles (wholesale quantities).
  • Consignment sales should be stored/displayed in recommended conditions (right-side-up at room temperature or lower, out of direct sunlight). If consigned goods are not being displayed to maximize resale value especially if returned, they will be considered sold and will be invoiced for payment.

Wholesale (Painted Lantern Candles labels)

  • Minimum purchase: 24 candles (any size/scent/combination).
  • Wholesale orders are made-to-order and required 14 days’ lead time.
  • Exclusivity may be negotiated.
  • Terms may be negotiated, but if you are looking to pay after the candles are received, I strongly recommend consignment instead of wholesale.
  • Wholesale purchases do not qualify for the free shipping offer. I use GoShippo as my default shipping provider, but I am happy to use your shipping account instead to take advantage of any discounts you may receive.

White Label (your labels/brand)

  • Exclusivity is an option.
  • You are responsible for your branding/packaging, but I am happy to package my candles in your boxes/labels if you send your packaging materials to me.
  • White label contracts are treated similarly to wholesale, but a 50% deposit up front applies once terms are agreed-upon.